Mycrodose Therapeutics Receives DEA License to Research Four Psychedelics

Mycrodose Therapeutics is pleased to announce that the company has been approved by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), State of California Attorney General’s Research Advisory Board, and The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to research four (4) psychedelic compounds at their San Diego, California laboratory.

The company’s Schedule I DEA License was granted final approval after the DEA conducted an extensive in-person audit of Mycrodose Therapeutics’ facilities and after the FDA conducted an extensive review of the company’s in-depth research protocols for using Psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, and DMT in the development of their IP protected drug delivery technologies.

Mycrodose Therapeutics is one of a few private companies that has been granted a Schedule I License to research four (4) psychedelic compounds by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

“With the approval to research four Schedule I active pharmaceutics ingredients in our laboratory, we are extremely excited to marry those substances with our proprietary advanced drug delivery technologies. We are confident that our non-conventional drug delivery platforms will not only make the use of psychedelic drugs much safer but also increase the number of patients that can be treated with these powerful APIs. I’m thinking here in particular about children and the elderly. Due to the projected tight dosage control and the convenience of use, we are poised to elevate the status quo of psychedelic drug use in many medical conditions”, says Dr. Kochinke, Mycrodose Therapeutics, Chief Science Officer.

Dr. Frank Kochinke has over 30 years of experience inventing advanced drug delivery technologies and working with Schedule I compounds within the pharmaceutical-biotech industry. Having this in-house core expertise allowed Mycrodose Therapeutics to apply directly to the DEA, whereas many companies in the Psychedelic sector rely on the experience of third-party research institutions or Universities to carry out their research protocols.

Mycrodose Therapeutics laboratory in San Diego is currently in development of two (2) of their four (4) core technologies; the transdermal patch and transmucosal lozenge. The company's IP Protected technology delivers a sustained and controlled dose of medicine into the body over time, which is believed to be safer and more effective than conventional drug delivery methods.

“We are excited to have a team with the expertise to obtain our Schedule I DEA license without needing to partner with a research institution or University. This milestone continues to validate the depth of our team, our research protocols, and our technologies,” says Chad Conner, Chief Executive Officer.

About Mycrodose Therapeutics:
Mycrodose Therapeutics ( is a US-Based pharmaceutical company headquartered in San Diego, California specializing in the development of advanced drug delivery systems utilizing psychedelic compounds to treat mental health and cognitive degenerative diseases. Mycrodose is one of only a few private companies that has been granted a Schedule I License to research four (4) psychedelic compounds: Psilocybin, MDMA, DMT & LSD by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

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